To Blog or Not to Blog

Note: This post was originally writeen on March 31st, 2013 and posted to

This is my 6th blog.

I had my apprehensions about starting a 3rd, a 4th, and a 5th.  I don’t really know if a 6th is a good idea either.

Most blogs are not what I would call successful, meaning they lack original and/or engaing content that attract and maintain a large readership. 

Almost every mormon girl/woman I know has started a blog.  A lot of non-LDS females I know have also started them, but they seem to be particularly common in the Mormon Mommy (and wannabe mommy) Culture.  And I really don’t have a taste for most of these blogs. They’re generally boring and after the first few weeks of diligent blogging, it seems to become a strain for almost every blogger to enthusiastically continue.  They run out of ideas as life continues to ho-hum along.  And in order to have a really successful photography, cupcake, or jewelry blog, you need to have a really good one.  The only women I know who have successful blogs centered on one specific topic are making a livig off of that one specific topic.

And to be honest, most blogs seem so narcissitic.  I once heard a girl who I knew relatively well mention that she was starting a blog and I thought to myself, “why?  What are you going to blog about?  No one cares about your new anthro sweater.  No one cares about your trip up the coast.  No one cares about your best friend’s new baby.  Why are you so self-centered to think that you should devote a whole website to yourself?”

I’m harsh, I know.  But I loved this girl- we were close.  She was a spunky person who had a spunky life.  But there was no way this spunky girl was going to make a blog that was nearly as fun to read as she was to be with.

I like keeping in touch with people and learning about their lives, but there is something about most blogs that seems very inorganic to me. 

I also might be bitter against blogs since everyone puts on their happiest, brightest, smiliest faces for them.  If their kids make a mess, it’s endearing, not frustrating.  If a trip goes not according to plan, it works out for the better.  If they have to do something hard, they are so grateful and have just “grown as a person” so much because of it.  I understand the desire to be a generally positive influence on others with a generally positive message, but we will always put distance between ourselves and other when we only show them the easy half of our lives.

But some blogs are successful.   Some blogs I do like.  They all pretty much have two things in common:  They say hard things and they say new things.

Now, usually the new things they say are new because they are hard to say.  That’s why other people haven’t been saying them.  These things aren’t necessarily deep or scandalous.  Sometimes they’re just a little awkward, or a little different.  But whatever they are, they’re not being said by everybody else.

I fail at making “details of my life” blogs.  My life just isn’t exciting enough right now, nor has it ever been in the past.  It may become so in the future, but it also may not.

So then why am I making a blog?  Well…because people tell me to.  A lot.  Normally I respond with things like “no, I’m not a very good writer” or “I don’t really have anything to say” or “there are enough lame blogs on the internet”.

But I am a good writer…and I do have things to say.  But I think that my  blog stands a chance at being un-lame if and only if I say hard things.  And take a chance at being too exposed.  Or maybe even writing things that no one wants to hear…but that I need to say.

So I am choosing to blog.  I hope that my blog can create a space for honest discussion and to encourage others to open their mouths in a world that is trying to shut us up. 

The End.


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