Life, Abortion, and the Baby-Killing Doctor


Kermit Gosnell photographed following his arrest

Kermit Gosnell photographed following his arrest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kermit Gosnell of Pennsylvania is being charged with 7 counts of first degree murder.  One victim was a grown woman, the rest were babies.  My understanding is that the number of babies killed is actually much higher than the 7 for whom he is being tried.  Shocking.  Disturbing.  Infuriating.  So why aren’t we hearing about it?

Probably because they (the infants) were killed following illegal late term abortions.

If he had broken into homes or kidnapped children from the park, it would be all over the news.  If he went into the nursery of a hospital to hurt them, we would know all about it.  If he did to babies who were wanted by their mothers what he did to babies who were not wanted by their mothers, there would be an outrage.  But he killed babies who nobody wanted.  And that’s why you haven’t heard about it.

Let’s be clear- he is being charged with the murder of viable, breathing, crying babies.  This article from The Atlantic contains a picture of one such baby.  The method by which he killed the babies is described below the image.  It is gruesome.

But why don’t we care?  Why isn’t the media blowing this up?  I’m afraid that it’s because the normalcy of the practice of abortion has allowed us to assign our own value to the lives of humans.

The fact that nobody wanted these babies makes their story less important.  I think that means that we (as a culture) think that human life is important and special, not inherently, but only if it is important and special to us.

Here is a fictional (but realistic) scenario that gets played out routinely in our culture:  A woman gets pregnant and quietly decides to have an abortion. She keeps it on the down low, telling only a few close friends or family members. She has the abortion and carries on.  A few years later, she get pregnant again, but this time time she wants it.  So at 3 months (the point at which she decided to terminate her first pregnancy), she begins to tell everyone about her little peanut.  They sit and speculate about it’s gender.  Her good friends all offer to be the one to throw her a baby shower.  Grandmothers begin work on the pale yellow quilts.  This unborn baby is getting all the love in the world, while at the same point in gestation, the first baby was getting “taken care of”.

We need to recognize that human life is valuable regardless of how we feel about it.  My sentiment in writing this post is not so much to prove the point that abortion is wrong, but to point out what I see as an alarming consequence (the culture’s selectivity about whose life is important and whose isn’t) of the widespread practice of abortion.

This is something that everybody is going to have to reconcile for themselves.  At what point is it okay to end the life of a baby?  As long as it isn’t viable?  Before a certain stage in development?  Prior to the second or third trimesters? Never?

Discuss- tell me what you think and why.

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5 thoughts on “Life, Abortion, and the Baby-Killing Doctor

  1. gwen says:

    A hot button item..which is sad. This case is being ignored by the mainstream media because it is not PC (politically correct). Late term abortion has been around for a long time. People don’t want to think that it is being directed at minorities and poor people, but that is one of major ways used to cull those populations… read Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

    Haven’t you heard the quote, “Better an abortion than a welfare recipient.” I only recently heard this and was shocked and did quite a bit of research on Margaret Sanger. No one wants to hear it, Juliet. The number of abortions, later term and other wise is staggering. Our society has devolved in its view on human life’s sacredness, the family’s sacred place in Life.

    Kudos to you for looking at this difficult fact of life in the US. It breaks one’s heart to know it has been taught to women that this is an okay form of birth control. It’s only tissue, only a specimen..

  2. […] not really saying anything that I didn’t say in my last post on the issue, Life, Abortion, and the Baby-Killing Doctor but I thought the video was worth sharing.  It’s a bit sensationalized, but I still think […]

  3. You should understand that not all people who support abortion support this at all.
    It’s unfair to group us all in the same category. You’re hard pressed to find an abortionist that will perform the procedure past 20 weeks (in Canada anyways) because its extremely dangerous for the patient.
    I support abortion, but partial birth abortions are extremely unethical. You should be mentally stable enough to make the choice early enough in your pregnancy that best suits your situation and will benefit your health.

    • I do understand that people have varying levels of approval in regards to abortion and also that the specifics of this situation are considered unethical by just about everybody.

      Also, I want to emphasize that I am not interested in name-calling, finger-pointing, or blaming people or groups of people (pro-choice groups, planned parenthood, legislators, women who have had abortions, etc.) for the widespread practice of abortion. I think that abortion is symptomatic of a morally degraded society, and that to change that would take a huge shift in cultural thought and attitudes towards life and morality. And i think that the burden of change falls equally on everybody.

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope you don’t feel “grouped”, because the last thing I want to be is unfair.

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