25 is the Ugliest Age

At least for me it is.  I feel so hopelessly and objectively unattractive.  

I don’t really want to shop for new clothes or do my hair or my make-up.  I feel like it’s all pointless- I am never going to be pretty to anybody.

I am not “normal” or “average” looking- that would be easier.  I really feel like I’m different looking.  My eyes are really far apart (this is a huge source of insecurity for me), I have very short eyelashes, my cheeks are saggy, my lips aren’t full enough, my mouth is naturally frowny, my forehead is huge, my hairline is masculine, I don’t have any bone structure, my teeth are gappy, I have tones of freckles, my nostrils are oddly shaped…I guess I’ll stop here.  

I would much rather be a white girl with dishwater blonde hair and a round face.  I wouldn’t be beautiful, but maybe I wouldn’t feel like my lack of beauty called attention to itself.

I don’t blame the media, or past boyfriends, or childhood experiences  or anything else for the way I view myself.  I don’t think that “blame” is relevant here- I am ugly and that is just a matter of fact.

Do they have support groups to help people deal with going through life as an ugly person?  Can I go?

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One thought on “25 is the Ugliest Age

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