Abortion: The Great Sin of Our Time

Be warned, this video contains some pretty graphic images. I liked being able to hear from a few of Dr. Gosnell’s patients on their first hand experiences.

I really do believe that abortion is the great sin of our time and I find it appalling that it is such a widely accepted practice.  I don’t look scornfully and shake my finger at women who have chosen abortion.  And I don’t think it’s quite fair to shout “baby killer” at them, even though they are killing their babies.

Instead, I want to call out a culture and system that has made this okay.  I also want to call out the racism and sexism that keeps poor women of color from being afforded the same treatment as middle- and upper-class white women.  3801 Lancaster highlights this issue.

I’m not really saying anything that I didn’t say in my last post on the issue, Life, Abortion, and the Baby-Killing Doctor but I thought the video was worth sharing.  It’s a bit sensationalized, but I still think it’s fair.

What do you think of the video, the trial, and the abortion issue in general?

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