Answering Google’s Questions About the Mormons (And Some of Yours Too) Part 2

Part 1 was just too much fun not to do it again!  Just a quick explanation:  I type the beginnings of questions about Mormons into Google, copy them into the post, and answer them!  Shall we begin?


Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

1. Do Mormons like…

  • …the Book of Mormon? Yes.
  • …jews? Generally, yes.
  • …the Book of Mormon musical?  The LDS people I know who have seen it have said they liked it.  But there is quite a range as far as how people who have not seen it feel about it.

2. Can Mormons…

  • …drink soda? Yes.
  • …drink? We are going to assume this is referring to alcohol, which Mormons believe God has commanded us not to consume.
  • …drink caffeine? Yes.

3. Can Mormons eat…

  • …chocolate?  LOL!  Yes, OH YES.
  • …pork? Yes.
  • …tiramisu?  This is actually a really good question.  Some Mormons think it’s fine since it only has a little bit of coffee in it and because the coffee is eaten cold.  Most Mormons would likely disagree and say that eating tiramisu is in violation of the Word of Wisdom
  • …sugar?  Yes.

4. Can Mormons use…

5. Can Mormon women…

  • …have multiple husbands? No.
  • …wear pants? Yes.
  • …wear tank tops?  We believe in being modest, and it’s generally considered modest to have one’s shoulders covered.
  • …cut their hair?  Yes.

6.  Do Mormons actually believe…

  • …in Kolob?  Yes.
  • …the Garden of Eden was located in Missouri? Yes.
  • …their religion?  Yes.

7. Do Mormon Bishops…

  • …get paid? Not by the church.
  • …pay taxes?  Yes.
  • …have to be married?  Yes.

8. Are Mormons in…

  • …bred?  No, not really.
  • …sane? Not very many of us.
  • …the bible?  Uh…no.

9.  Are Mormons considered…

  • …christians?  By themselves, yes.  By others, sometimes.
  • …protestant?  No, not usually.
  • …a cult? Sometimes.

10. What do Mormons do…

  • …on missions? Preach the gospel.
  • …on Sundays?  Go to church, nap, eat, go home/visiting teaching, go to meetings, make meals, play games, and whatever else they feel like.
  • …for fun? Lots of stuff!  Let me name a few.  Have dances (80’s, stoplight, neon, etc.), play games (Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Uno, Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, Sardines, Big Booty, Signs, Do You Love Your Neighbor, What If, the list goes on and on…)

If anyone has any questions about anything mentioned or anything else that has to do with the Mormon religion, I am more than happy to talk about it.

Not sure if there will be a part 3 yet.  Stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Answering Google’s Questions About the Mormons (And Some of Yours Too) Part 2

  1. Justin S says:

    This was really creative, funny and informative! Thanks so much 🙂

  2. jessicask23 says:

    Settlers of catan ! now thats a good game

  3. […] anyone who hasn’t read Part 1 or Part 2 yet, I use Google’s predictive search tool to find out what people most want to know about […]

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