Four Soul Searching Questions For Everybody- But Mostly For You

Friends, Countrymen, Homegirls:

I want to make my blog more uplifting.  Still genuine, but more uplifting.  I want for people to feel after reading my blog like I felt after watching this motivational video (there are a million like it, but they get me every time).

Problem:  I don’t have very many uplifting things to say.

I like to think I live my life in a way that uplifts people, but I’m not very good with motivational discourse.  But hey, you are, right?

Will you be so kind as to answer the following straight forward, but thought-intensive questions?  I might use it as blogging material (for which you would get all the due credit I could muster), but I am also looking forward to just reading the answers.  Think of it as doing a favor.  Think of it as an act of service.

I want to know what you have to say- whether or not we are close, whether or not we even know each other in real life, and even if this is the very first time you have stumbled across my humble little blog.

Here they are:

1. What is one lesson that you wish you would have learned significantly earlier in your life than you did?

2. What is your greatest personal “blessing in disguise” story?  (You can make it as brief or as detailed as you like)

3. What is the last time you did something that was right, but that was also hard?

4. What is one thing about you that makes you special? (Only sincere answers.  If you give me a self-depreciating one I will hunt you down and tickle you.)

Thank you for your time…it is so, so appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Four Soul Searching Questions For Everybody- But Mostly For You

  1. Annonomous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    oops lol sorry about above reply.
    1. The importance of scripture study. I feel like I always told myself that I could do it later and now here we are and I don’t know them as much as I would like to.
    2. na (unfortunately)
    3. Confessing something to my bishop. It was excruciatingly hard! I held it off for like 4 years because the ‘punishment’ was going to be really bad.(and it was). but it was the right thing and I am happier now.
    4. I am good at forgiving others. I don’t hold grudges.

  3. jessicask23 says:

    1. Peoples opinions on my sex life, the number of men i’ve slept with and how I look is the worlds most unimportant thing.

    2. hmmmm cant think of something that fits exactly

    3. Stopped seeing a guy, when he wanted more than just sex and I didn’t. He’s really fun, and cute and good, but i’m not going to give him that and he needed to have it stopped full stop so he wouldn’t hold out hope forever.

    4. other than a ridiculous chest lol ? I can be friends with anyone except highly judgemental people, that.s not compatible with my proclivities.

  4. Summer Jade says:

    1. I would say I should have learned to be myself. I was so enveloped in making good impressions, my appearance and holding my tongue so long as to fit in that I almost forgot I was a person all by myself, too.
    2. A blessing in disguise for me was struggling in college. I thought it was the end of the world, I had always done very well in school. But it was the failure I experienced that led me to ask for help from someone I never thought to before I was at my lowest point- God. That led to my conversion into the LDS church.
    3. Something that was hard for me was turning down alcohol. Before, it was treated as a social treat but I’ll never let another sip of alcohol touch my mouth.
    4. I suppose something that makes me special is my testimony.

    Love your blogs!

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