Come listen to living prophets

1.  It gives me a weekend to go out of town without the stresses of missing church.

2.  Breakfast.  I am not a breakfast eater, but I almost always end up getting invited over to eat breakfast for conference morning. Bacon.  Apple Juice.  Cinnamon Rolls.   Chocolate Milk.

3. Between-session potlucks. Food.

4. Getting to drift into nap-land while listening to the soothing voices of General Authorities.  Morning sessions are for paying attention to.  Afternoon sessions are for catching up on.

5. Airplanes.

6.  Seeing groups of white shirts and ties fill up all of the ice cream places in town round about 7:15 pm.  (Or a quarter after some other hour if you live in a different time zone than I do).

7. Hearing about the new temples.  It may be in a place I have never even heard of before, but I know that with each new temple announced, someone, somewhere is celebrating an answered prayer.

8. Doing happy dances when your favorite apostle comes on, whoever that may be.  (But let’s be real.)

and, most of all…

9. God actually talks to me.  The fact that “we get to hear from living prophets and apostles!” has no place on my list (sorry, you came to the wrong blog if you were looking for that).  What is exciting to me is the fact that God himself speaks to me, through the Holy Ghost.  A lot of talks will be given and a lot of subjects will be addressed.  Everything that is said will be needed by someone.  Not everything is for me.  But some things are very much for me.  I love hearing the Spirit say to me, “Homegirl!  This is important!  Write this down!”  There are usually a few moments at conference where a speaker will say something that, in true Book of Mormon fashion, feels like it was written specifically for me.  And I believe that it was written specifically for me.

I know not only that God lives, but, as wondrous and miraculous as it is, that he speaks.  Please look for a conference post in the next few days.  I hope that I am ready to hear, and I hope that I am willing to apply.

Happy Conference.

9 Reasons Why General Conference is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


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