Kiki Gives You Super Powers

Kiki Gives You Super Powers

I know that the only time I have ever really talked about make-up was during No Make-up May, and that I like to brag about being low-maintenance, but there is nothing worse than a bad make-up job!  (Don’t quote me on that, por favor)

Clumpy mascara, cakey concealer, creasing eye-shadow… :(.

But none of us want that!  We want to look hot!  Or natural!  Whatever!  It’s just that make-up is an art, and in order to do it well, it can be a real challenge for those of us who are not artists!

But have no fear, Kiki is here!

Kiki Gives You Superpowers is a new project of Katelyn Galloway who is (1) my friend (2) awesome and (3) kind of a big deal.  (Look her up, yo.)


KGYSP will consist of an e-book, YouTube tutorials, and I’m sure many other fanciful things geared towards helping us mere mortals get the make-up (and beauty in general) thing done right.  Getting equipment to make quality videos that will ACTUALLY help (unlike this one) is pricey, but we have a great opportunity to help out by backing the project on Kickstarter.

There are some awesome incentives for backing the project, like a Skype tutorial for pledging just $75.

Please click here to learn more about Kiki Gives You Super Powers

Also,  does anybody know how I can do a bold lip without it looking like I was naughty and got into my mom’s make-up drawer?  (For reals…)

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