PSA: It’s Okay That I’m Fat

It’s okay that I’m fat.

When I describe myself as such, please don’t feel uncomfortable.  I’m not fishing for compliments, for you to say, “Oh my gosh you are NOT FAT” or, “whatever!  I’m the fat one!”

It’s just a descriptor, like “I have dark hair” or “my lips are pretty.” (My lips are pretty, by the way.  You can look at my blog banner for reference)

Fat does not equal ugly.

Fat does not equal lazy.

Fat does not equal disgusting.

Fat does not equal unsexy.

Fat is just…fat.

And it’s okay to be fat.

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One thought on “PSA: It’s Okay That I’m Fat

  1. Hanna says:

    I freaking love you! After reading only two of your blog posts I will be a permanent visitor. Thank you for your works of wisdom 🙂

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