Should A 10-Year Old Be Wearing a Thong? Well, I Don’t Know Why Not

 I don’t think that sexual behaviors should be tolerated in children.  

Youtube is littered with videos of little girls dancing “like Beyonce” or “Shakira” and popular shows like Toddlers and Tiaras display child beauty queens prance around the stage wearing fake breasts and dressed as whores.  This is reckless, irresponsible, and contributes to the hypersexualization of young women.  Girls (and boys) should be allowed to come into their sexuality in due time, without adult novelties being forced upon them.

In 2002 Abercrombie & Fitch (the douchebag of the retail world) got major backlash when they began to sell thongs targeted at girls ages 10-14.  

This happened over a decade ago, and I wonder what would happen if the same thing happened today.  I know that my reaction would be the same:  Who the heck cares what anybody (even a little girl) is wearing for underwear?  That’s right.  Even with my radical ideas about conservative sexuality, I am honestly not bothered by the idea of a 10 year old wearing a thong.  A bikini?  Yes.  But not a thong.

You’re probably thinking, “But didn’t you just say that we shouldn’t sexualize our children?  Isn’t giving them sexy underwear doing just that?”

Yes.  And, no, not really.

I really think that underwear is just underwear…pieces of cloth designed to be worn under our clothes for the purposes of cleanliness and comfort.  Some people think of thongs as being sexual (Sisqo, for one), but I think that this is because they have been sexualized, not because they are inherently sexual.  I myself am a thong wearer (sorry if that’s TMI, but if you are afraid of TMI you should probably get off of my blog and run for the hills ASAP) and don’t feel like it has anything to with sex or sexiness.

My mom game me a pair of see-through string-bikini style underwear when I was 12ish and shortly after that I migrated from cotton briefs to an array of thong, low cut, lace, etc. underwear.  I understood that there was something “sexy” about it, but I honestly don’t feel that it quickened my interest in sex or encouraged me to “act out” sexually.   It was just my underwear and had nothing to do with my interactions with other people.  To be honest, I was in fact a sexual person at the age of 12 (early puberty, early hormones…it happens), but I was going to be that way no matter what i was wearing.

I think it becomes inappropriate for pre-teen girls to wear “sexy” underwear if they are being taught that that is how we get attention from other people.  While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with panties that show a little bum, I think that we should be wary of sexual phrases that images that convey the message that they are meant to be seen.  

But ultimately, it is just a piece of cloth.  Who cares if it doesn’t cover their bottom…aren’t they wearing pants over it?  

I have a feeling this may be one of my most unpopular posts ever.  What do you think?  Do you think I’m out of line?  Moms and dads, what do you think?  


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8 thoughts on “Should A 10-Year Old Be Wearing a Thong? Well, I Don’t Know Why Not

  1. mik1999 says:

    I’m a dad, and from my blog you can see I am very sexually open-minded… but I disagree with you on this. I have a ten year old daughter and she realizes that, for adults, underwear is both ‘just underwear’ and a sexual expression. She know that when my wife wears certain types of underwear that it is sexy (without fully understanding what this means). Because she is old enough to know that clothing (including underwear) can be a sexual statement, she should not be wearing clothes that make these sexual statements – she is simply too young.

    • As a dad, at what age do you think she will be “not too young”? Ballpark range.

      • mik1999 says:

        It depends on the child, but I think it is fine four kids to begin to express themselves sexually at 14-15 years old. At this age, I think they can start to be aware of and in control of the sexual signals they send out. This doesn’t mean I think 14 year old girls should be having sex, but I do think it is probably fine to be expressing their sexuality a bit. That said, i am little out of my depth there, as my daughters are younger. Maybe a more honest answer would have been “older than mine are’.

    • Crystalflowa says:

      You now what I’m actually an 11 year old girl and I dont want to wear a thong just to be sexy most girls just want to wear thongs so they have no underwear lines so think about that

  2. Kevin Carpenter says:

    “But ultimately, it is just a piece of cloth. Who cares if it doesn’t cover their bottom…aren’t they wearing pants over it?”

    That pretty much sums it up for me. If and when I have a daughter, I doubt I will care what kind of underwear she wears (if I even know what kind of underwear she wears), but I will definitely care that whatever underwear she wears is completely covered up by her outer clothing.

  3. Brookelyn Robinson says:

    I started wearing a thong whenever I was around 12 and my clothes started to get a little tighter and my booty was filling in. I also danced so it was almost a necessity, no one wants to have to pick a wedgie during dance. My mom actually got me them and I only wore them for dance until you could see a panty line when I wore jeans. I think it is a little bit more inappropriate for almost teenage boys to see a panty line because that’s when they start to see it and try to visualize, if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind.

  4. george says:

    Yeah, i am also father of 2 daughter. and our bigger girl bought her own thong when she was 12. After we found out that our daughter wears a thong. we surprised. but we led her under some conditions. For example it must have been only usual models. after two years later our litter daugter became 10 and we bought a thong for her and told her she could under some conditions the thongs..

  5. johny says:

    it starts with there role models and they seem to listen to what Miley or Beiber says, they aren’t role models of any kind, let alone be one for a child, if a child listens to music about sex, drugs and partying, the parents allowing it need their head read, just be honest here

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