Let’s get to it!

For anyone who hasn’t read Part 1 or Part 2 yet, I use Google’s predictive search tool to find out what people most want to know about the Mormons!  This will be my last installment, but I’ve saved the best for last.  Enjoy!

1. Could a Mormon…

  • …be president?  Yes.  I feel like this question is a little bit outdated, don’t you?
  • …be the antichrist?  I think…no.  Yeah, no.

2. Does the LDS Church…

  • …pay taxes? Sometimes.  It depends on the kind of tax.
  • …help with rent?  Sometimes, if there is substantial need from an active, tithe-paying member.
  • …have the sword of Laban?  I don’t know and I don’t know anybody who does.

3.  How did Mormonism…

4. Is BYU…

  • …a good school? With limited objectivity, yes.
  • …a party school?  As someone who attended a regularly ranked top party school in the nation, this made me giggle a little bit.  No, BYU is not a “party school”.  Feel free to ignore lame jokes made by BYUers about the craziness of playing sardines and Apples to Apples on a Saturday night.
  • …hard to get into?  Reasonably.

5. Did Joseph Smith…

  • …see God?  We believe he did.
  • …have multiple wives?  Yes, he had several.
  • …drink?  Prior to be the revealing of the Word of Wisdom, I believe the answer is yes.

6. When do LDS…

  • …mission presidents get called?  Early each year, one third of all missions have a new president called to preside over them.  They begin their missions in the summer.
  • …go to church?   Each Sunday, for three hours.  I’ve been to wards starting as early as 8:30 and as late as 2:30.
  • …mission calls arrive? Between a few and several weeks after the mission papers are submitted.

7. Did the Mormon church…

  • …begin as a sect? Yes, and isn’t it still a “sect?”
  • …donate to Prop 8?  The church did not directly financially contribute to the California Proposition 8 campaign.  However, the Church did officially encourage members to donate of their money, time, and other resources to the cause.  The infrastructure of the church was heavily used in organizing Prop 8 campaigning.
  • …church build a mall?  Yes.

8. Do LDS believe…

  • …in reincarnation? No.
  • …that Jesus is the Son of God?  Yes.
  • …in the bible? Yes.

9.  Is the Mormon Prophet…

  • …infallible?  No, we believe he is a human and is therefore a sinner.
  • …paid?  Not much, but his needs are provided for.  Being the prophet is a position of sacrifice.

10.  How do LDS…

  • …pray?  In the name of Jesus Christ, usually with our eyes closed, sometimes on our knees.
  • …missionaries learn a language?  Extensive daily training in the Missionary Training Center.  And then?  Trial by fire.
  • …celebrate Christmas?  Gloriously!  Trees, gifts, Santa, the typical American Christmas.  However, we also usually include a good amount of religious elements like Christ-centered music, live nativities and a church-wide Christmas devotional.

Answering Google’s Questions About the Mormons (and Some of Yours, Too) Part 3

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2 thoughts on “Answering Google’s Questions About the Mormons (and Some of Yours, Too) Part 3

  1. Eric says:

    These were fun to read. One minor clarification: Joseph Smith as well as some other church leaders continued to consume alcohol after the Word of Wisdom (which was seen as advice rather than commandment) was revealed. Modern compulsory adherence to the Word of Wisdom as it’s understood today didn’t come about until the 20th century.

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