QotD: “Note the empowerment and celebration of women’s sexuality”

Your Fair Warning: Since these are descriptions of porn videos, deplorable language is used and totally appalling situations are described.

Many of my readers know that they don’t like porn to be a part of their personal lives, but a lot of us don’t really have a sense of what porn does to those involved in the industry (especially the women), or what it does to our societies view of sex and women in general.

Shutting down the porn industry is SUCH a worthy cause. Thanks to Anti-Porn Feminists for blogging this.

EDIT: I realize that the image is very blurry- basically unreadable.  I am not sure how to remedy this problem, except to direct you to the “view original” link at the bottom of the post to go to the original posting.  

Anti-Porn Feminists

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