It’s Not Funny to Terrorize Your Wife

I would like to call attention to a growing internet epidemic- men terrifying their wives, recording it, and putting it on social media for the world to take pleasure in.  It really is just a jerkbag thing to do.

Now, I love myself a good scare video- one where somebody is startled and has an extreme reaction to something that really is entirely non-threatening.  The fear is quick, and is usually gone before the victim has any time to mentally process what is going on.  Here is one of my favorite compilations:

You may not find these as funny as I do, but you can see the humor, right?

However, can somebody please explain to me the humor in this:

Now, sure, he may have not realized that this would scare her as bad as it did, but why would you even post the video after she had that kind of reaction?  If I did something that inadvertently caused someone I loved to cry tears of fear, I don’t know why I would want to glorify that moment by putting it on the internet.

But maybe we can just chalk it up to slightly poor judgement and a girlfriend who’s a real good sport?

But what about this?:

Or this?:

Why is that obnoxious music playing, as if something cool just happened?

And what am I missing here?  Who is finding this funny?  Who is laughing at this?


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