To the Woman Who Shamed Me About My Swimsuit

I was able to share this weekend with this great woman and the two great guys standing beside her. So grateful she took the time to write about this!

A Thought She Wrote

For almost thirty years, I shamed myself for my body. I rarely felt pretty enough, lean enough, or feminine enough. After living in an abusive marriage where my body was the object of heavy scrutiny daily, that problem was magnified. But over the last couple of years, I have worked hard to heal those painful lies and love myself exactly as I am, regardless of my weight or shape and no matter if I have shaved my legs, curled my hair, or applied my mascara.

So it’s sort of uncool that today, you decided to private message me—even though we don’t know one another—to tell me that you hope the man I posted a picture with (who is one of your old friends), will end up with a cute girl one day. But that essentially, I am not one of them because I thoughtlessly posted a photo of myself in a shear bathing suit that shows everything…

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